Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We have nothing 'round here if not a sense of humor!

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Last year I made a hat for the DH using this nature graphic we affectionately know as the "fornicating reindeer chart." At that time K. said he just had to do a sweater. And bygosh bygolly this year he did! Hilarious and a big hit this holiday season.

For more fun with this chart, check out this link.


Robert said...

I love it when people do not take themselves too seriously....this sweater is awesome!

herr.pojke said...

i just made a hat with the same-like pattern for a friend!!! :D

Angela Lovell said...

This is amazing! Any chance you have your modified pattern to share (or sell)? I saw the one at Ravelry but I LOVE how you worked it into this sweater - it's perfect!