Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sparkle! Just a wee bit of bling.

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And the sequins took off like a rocket! This was a product placement lesson if I ever saw one. I made the sequined hat (photo below) four or more years ago. It was displayed in the front window on a mannequin head for a couple of winters. We occasionally dug out sequins to sell over the years. A couple of weeks ago I did a little rearranging of the shop samples and put my version of the hat back on display in a different location than before and WHAMO. The desire for sequins decimated our supply and we ordered more! P. said of her version of the hat (photo right) that whenever she wears it she gets a positive comment, without fail. And it is sooooooooo easy to make.

Prism & Sequin Hat

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cocoon Hat from Cherished

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This lovely hat in Cocoon is from the Cherised collection by Kim Hargreaves. I knit it within 24 hours time and blocked it over a dinner plate. I'd like to make this in a lighter color next time to really show off the lace. There is enough of the second skein remaining to make some fingerless mitts to match. The only mod here was that the pattern was written for back and forth knitting and I did mine in the round. Cool, Quick, and Slouchy!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Elf Cap from Simple Chic

What do you do when you have two hours and a baby gift to be made? I made this hat.

Used one ball of Big Wool and some size US13 needles and the Elf Cap pattern by Jill Eaton from Simple Chic.

Monday, December 13, 2010


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This is full of great designs. If you like Kim's other work, you will not want to pass this up. If you need inspiring and quickly knit caps for gifts this has two wonderful hats. Several Big Wool sweaters for surviving the below zero temps appear. And if big and quick isn't your style, there are plenty of other designs.
I'm already starting one of the hats (Moon done in Cocoon) as a gift.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kim Hargreaves Touching Elegance

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For those of you who are Kim Hargreaves devotees, 15 copies of Touching Elegance arrived in the shop yesterday! An easy intarsia jacket out of Cocoon and a cuff-to-cuff snuggley piece in Drift are a couple of the highlights in this release. She's also created a garment or two for the men.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Superyak Superlace Supervest Finished : )

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Finally sewed on the Vintage clasp (from Becky Lyon) for a closure on my Montague Vest. It's double strand of Karabella Superyak knit really quickly on size 13 Turbo Needles. I made some changes to the pattern for fit so that the center front would hang vertically on me and eliminated the bottom band which was to be picked up after sewing the side seams.

Rowan has caught my eye once again!

I might have to make this cardigan. The patterns in this book use chunky yarn and this looks like a warm classic with a modern twist in that the bottom half is knit side to side. I'll need to check for waist/hip shaping in that area if I decide to move forward.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hello! My name is . . .

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Kip Tblwyif (prononced kip ti-bel-wif)
He no longer wanted to be referred to as "that sock monkey." His creator used the Mister Ben pattern by Two Old Bags which is available in the shop. Kip is made from self striping sock weight yarn but the pattern is written for multiple gauges of yarn.
A link to his Ravelry Friends

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

SuperYak Superlace

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The Montague vest is another project from the book New England Knits. I'm subsituting Karabella SuperYak Doubled to get gauge. This yellow ocher color is smashing! On size 13 needles it should go pretty quick. SuperYak is a super soft 50/50 blend of Merino and Yak fiber from Karabella Yarns.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Second Skin Finished

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I've finished this in near record time and I never want to take this garment off. It is incredibly soft and comfortable to wear. The great pattern is from New England Knits. The yarn is Classic Elite's Kumara which is a Merino & Baby Camel Blend. The buttons are from Becky Lyon. I'm quite pleased.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rios Hat knit by M

Rios Hat knit by M
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M. knit this cap in record speed from the new Malabrigo Rios. This is a plied superwash worsted weight in all the same colorways of the original Malabrigo worsted. M. felt this absolutely wonderful to knit with and can't stop raving. The hat pattern is from the book New England Knits which has turned out to be full of great projects. Nice job M.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Malabrigo Rios Superwash Merino Worsted

We've put this beautiful Malabrigo creation in the shop for fall. It's their new plied superwash merino strikingly dyed in the same colorways as their original yarns. These are just five of my favorite colorways. We added many others to the inventory with some semi-solids in the mix as well.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Second Skin Kumara pullover

Chris's Kumara for fall is well underway. New England knits is a new publication for fall and has quite a few great looking projects. So far this pattern is quite good. I am making my torso a bit longer than what is called out. I'm speed knitting this - can't wait to wear it next to my skin! I've been working on it a little over a week and the second sleeve is nearly finished!
Find it on Ravelry

Berroco Borealis

Berroco Borealis
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Well, this has turned out to be quite popular. The colors are vibrant yet sophistocated. And it knits up quickly. Berroco sequins are back in stock as well, so if you've spied my Starry Nightcap in the shop or on Ravelry this combo would be a great cap with added twinkling visibility for those winter darkness hours ahead.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cradle Button Detail

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A detail shot of the buttons.

Cradle by Marie Wallin from Drift in Big Wool

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My new fall jacket is finished and I may get to wear it this week depending on the temps. The fabulous buttons are from Becky "The Button Lady" Lyon. Really enjoyed making this quick knit garment on US15 needles. Of course I modified slightly. Rather than use the three needle bind off for the sleeve seem, I chose to graft the front and back sleeves together which added less bulk.

Fudwick Pillwinkle at Ghome

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One of many friends. I'm making him a Blaze Orange cap for hunting season.

You too can friend him on Facebook.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

WWKIP day 2010

This is a view of the hill where Ravelers PurplePurlGirl and I (ChrisRKnits) plan to host the WorldWideKnitInPublic Event on June 20, 2010. From 2:30 to 5:00 we want as many knitters as possible to meet up for an afternoon of knitting in the park. We'll be trying to make a huge collaborative piece of knitted art by having everyone knit in the round on the same project.
You are invited to bring along 2 circular needles at least 24 inches long and some scrap yarn. Maybe we should call this the Knit-Round-About. You will want to have casted on enough stitches to fill up your circular needle's cable when the stitches are relaxed. Make yourself a marker with your name and home city or neighborhood on it to keep on your section of the knitted piece. This could be as simple as a scrap of paper with a safety pin attached.

How it is all joined together

At the end of your row of knitting on your first needle, you will drop your first needle and pick up your second needle. Then, take hold of the yarn from the person on your right (sorry lefties - oh wait - you can just turn around and face the other direction and take the yarn from the knitter on your left (at this point I feel brilliant)) and knit across your needle one stitches with your neighbor's yarn and your needle number two.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rowan Retrospective at The Textile Center in Minneapolis & Linden Hills Yarn

Jan has been a stockist for Rowan since book 4 and Linden Hills Yarn will be having our own show in the shop during the month of March. Jan has knit a whopping 39 Rowan designs over the years starting with book four. We will be hanging ALL of them in the shop for the Month of March 2010.

The following list shows the book number or title, the garment name and the designer's initials.
I linked to Ravelry those designs that have pictures there. This will be my opportunity to fill in some holes I have in the "Jan's Needles" section of my flickr pics for the shop.

4 Tapestry Rose by A.F.
4 Turkish Leaves by J.S.
8 Magyar by K.F.
9 Penants by K.F.
9 Masks by K.H.
10 Dominos by K.F.
11 Indian Summer by K.H.
12 Tartary by A.F.
13 Antique Carpet by K.H.
14 Russian Jacket by L.H.
16 Ruby by L.H.
16 Cactus Patch by K.F.
17 Petal by S.D.
17 La Scala by L.H.
19 Flamingo by L. H.
19 Chinese Lanterns by K.F.
20 Celtic Coat by K.F.
21 Old Tile by B.M.
22 African Wall by K.F.
23 Bella by K.H.
24 Carmen by K.H.
25 Puzzle (Loo) by K.F.
26 Laurel Leaf by K.H.
28 Stone Circles by K.F.
28 China Clouds by K.F.
29 Essence by K.H.
30 Maypole by B.M.
30 Jungle by K.F.
31 Smoulder by K.F.
33 Mambo Jambo by K.F.
38 Brocade by K.F.
37 African Rope by K.F.
39 Warrior by B.M.
40 Dotty by K.F.
40 Furrow by M.W.

Flower Book Forget-me-not by S.K.
Kaffe's Colorbook Icon by K.F.
Kaffe's Colorbook Mosaic by K.F.
Kaliediscope Sweater Kit by K.F.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cable Challenge Recap

First off let me thank you all for participating. It was loads of fun for me and I hope for you as well. Some knock-out projects were created for this challenge. Some of you amazed us further by finishing multiple knock-out projects!

The clear yarn of choice was Karabella Merino Silk DK with about 10 pushpins of potential and quite a few finishes. This was followed closely by Rowan Lima & Karabella Aurora 8 potential projects. Lima had more finished projects but Aurora 8 is a yarn that everyone seems to love knitting.

Marie had statistics in her favor when it came to drawing for prizes having turned in 3 hats, a pair of socks, a pullover and the only baby garment entered. None of these entries were easy knitting either.

Nancy amazed us by making 2 pullovers, a shawl, and a cardigan. Again, none of these were easy knitting either. Amazing.

December 26, 2009 we held the drawings for the prizes at the shop.

May I have the envelopes please.

$10 for the Hat, Mitten, Scarf et. al. goes to Sandra for

$10 for Pair of Socks goes to Marie for

$10 for Child's Garment goes to Marie for
$10 for Shawl Afghan or Seat Cover goes to Nancy for her Aurora 8 shawl which I've seen and is lovely but unfortunately do not as yet have a picture.
$10 for Yarn group other goes to Marie $20 for Yarn Group 3 Pullover goes to Lorri for $25 for Yarn Group 3 Cardigan goes to Shawn for $20 for Yarn Group 2 Pullover goes to Pam for $20 for Yarn Group 1 Pullover goes to Erin for $25 for Yarn Group 2 Cardigan goes to Nancy for This also won the $45 grand prize for most cables in a single garment with a whopping 2280 +. And she's already started making another. Unbelievable.

Here is a link to see all the entries for which I took photos.