Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Fair Isle Challenge is On!

I’ve been challenged to a Fair Isle Duel!

Jessica is the culprit. The conversation included something like, “I don’t see you doing any fair isle.”

My DH once told me I wouldn’t be able to run the rototiller. I tore up the yard. He probably knew he’d get out of it by telling me this.

And so it begins.

I’ve got a fair isle started. The front has been finished for a year. And how many has Jan made in that time? Too many to be mortal.

So here is the challenge:

Finish some Fair Isle by the end of February and you can enter the drawing to win a fabulous prize! Your entry can be a new project or one that has been stashed. An entire sweater, a hat, a pair of mittens or anything else as long as it contains some Fair Isle work.

Maybe you’ve not yet attempted this technique and need a push to get started. We can teach you! For Free!

Some Rules and Information:

  • The majority of the yarn for the project needs to have been purchased at Linden Hills Yarn. We don’t say all here because we know damn well we don’t have everything!
  • The masterminds got together and decided finishing is extreme. Therefore, we will have weigh-ins which will determine your chances of winning. You will be asked to bring the knitted portion of your Fair Isle project to the shop (finished or not) to be weighed. The more you have finished, the more chances you will have to win. No, your funky lead needles will not be included in the total weight. Weigh-ins will take place February 23, 2009 - March 7, 2009 during normal business hours.
  • So far, the prizes include a fifty dollar gift certificate.
Special Fair Isle Challenge gathering dates and times to be announced shortly.

A long awaited update. And lead into The Fair Isle Challenge.

Fall and early winter is by far the busiest season in the yarn shop. Let me point out the obvious reasons why. First, there is that cold weather making layering, knit garments and throws essential to one's safe and comfortable existence. Second, we are in the retail business and they call it "black" Friday for a reason.

But, for those of us addicted to the craft, knitting is not seasonal but necessary. We knit whether the temperature outside is -14F or 104F. We knit outside in the Adirondack Chairs pausing only to slap at a mosquito or glance at the opening flower-bud's progress. We knit inside next to the space heater (or roaring fireplace) covered head to toe in last season's accomplishments. Some of the smarter knitters begin the winter garments in summer and the summer garments in winter so they are actually finished by the intended season. Others opt for the larger needle sizes and chunkier yarns aimed at beginning and finishing a project within the current season. Then, there are the projects begun in one year with full knowledge that it will be the next or even several years before completion. All knitting and all good as far as I'm concerned.