Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fair Isle Challenge Finals

In case you are wondering about the winners of the Fair Isle Challenge gift certificate drawings, here they be:

IMG_20090313_3 having knitted IMG_20090313_8 has won the $25 gift certificate for the closest guess without going over of the weight of Jan's fair isle sweaters of which there were eight in the shop.

KinSumTweedMably having finished knitting IMG_20090313_1 had probability in her favor when her name was drawn for the fifty dollar gift certificate. K is very gracious and actually had the closest guess for the guess the weight challenge but resigned her second prize to the gentleman that was next in line.

If you look closely at the photos of the work you will see that although they chose to use different yarns, they are both knitting from same pattern.

The whole challenge was a blast! Thank you to all who participated. Especially those of you who climbed out on a limb and learned a new skill. If you didn't get a chance to participate but want to learn to knit with color the door is always open at Linden Hills Yarn for you to learn for free.

People began asking about the next challenge before the previous challenge was even over. I'm in the planning stages and will announce it in early April. If you have any bright ideas or requests for me to consider, please leave me a comment here on the blog.

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