Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rowan Retrospective at The Textile Center in Minneapolis & Linden Hills Yarn

Jan has been a stockist for Rowan since book 4 and Linden Hills Yarn will be having our own show in the shop during the month of March. Jan has knit a whopping 39 Rowan designs over the years starting with book four. We will be hanging ALL of them in the shop for the Month of March 2010.

The following list shows the book number or title, the garment name and the designer's initials.
I linked to Ravelry those designs that have pictures there. This will be my opportunity to fill in some holes I have in the "Jan's Needles" section of my flickr pics for the shop.

4 Tapestry Rose by A.F.
4 Turkish Leaves by J.S.
8 Magyar by K.F.
9 Penants by K.F.
9 Masks by K.H.
10 Dominos by K.F.
11 Indian Summer by K.H.
12 Tartary by A.F.
13 Antique Carpet by K.H.
14 Russian Jacket by L.H.
16 Ruby by L.H.
16 Cactus Patch by K.F.
17 Petal by S.D.
17 La Scala by L.H.
19 Flamingo by L. H.
19 Chinese Lanterns by K.F.
20 Celtic Coat by K.F.
21 Old Tile by B.M.
22 African Wall by K.F.
23 Bella by K.H.
24 Carmen by K.H.
25 Puzzle (Loo) by K.F.
26 Laurel Leaf by K.H.
28 Stone Circles by K.F.
28 China Clouds by K.F.
29 Essence by K.H.
30 Maypole by B.M.
30 Jungle by K.F.
31 Smoulder by K.F.
33 Mambo Jambo by K.F.
38 Brocade by K.F.
37 African Rope by K.F.
39 Warrior by B.M.
40 Dotty by K.F.
40 Furrow by M.W.

Flower Book Forget-me-not by S.K.
Kaffe's Colorbook Icon by K.F.
Kaffe's Colorbook Mosaic by K.F.
Kaliediscope Sweater Kit by K.F.

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