Saturday, August 22, 2009

Linden Hills Yarn presents The Cable Challenge

You know I love a challenge. As soon as the last Linden Hills Yarn challenge ended, people began asking about the next. So here it is. With this challenge, we wanted to energize non-cablers to expand their skill set. We also have fabulous new yarns and patterns to be used for cable projects. The prize structure is intended to entice you to try new yarns, but this is not a requirement. There is a time limit on finishing the project for this challenge. This may help you with goal setting and achievement if are making seasonal gifts.

Cables are a great way to add texture and interest to a knitted object. They are not difficult. We can teach you to knit a cable in about two minutes if you wish to learn. We can not only teach you to read cable charts but also give you tips to make the charts even easier to follow and show you fixes for common cabling mistakes. Consider cables for your next project and join in all the twisted fun!

A few rules to follow:

To enter your project in the challenge, your work must be completed and brought to the shop to be photographed for inclusion on the Linden Hills Yarn website no later than December 25, 2009. Why December 25? Because, it is Chris’s birthday.

You are welcome to enter as many projects as you wish, but you may enter each project only once. Prizes will be awarded by random drawing from all entries in a category. There are several categories which I will expand upon later.

To qualify as a cable for this challenge the crossed stitches in question must contain at least but is not limited to three stitches. For a chance at winning the grand prize you must provide a count of the total number of cables executed in your project.

The yarn must have been purchased at Linden Hills Yarn. If you have a huge stash and are not sure, pick something else. You know you’ve got something. We don’t feel this is too much to ask, do you? ; )

If you choose the Yarn Group Other category, then you cannot have made more than a gauge swatch or two (or four) prior to August 15, 2009. We know you had the best intentions when you purchased that yarn. Maybe now is the time to follow through!

A Grand Prize of one Forty-five Dollar Gift Certificate will be awarded for the single project including the most cables (3 or more stitches as described above.)

Details of the Prize Matrix

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