Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A long awaited update. And lead into The Fair Isle Challenge.

Fall and early winter is by far the busiest season in the yarn shop. Let me point out the obvious reasons why. First, there is that cold weather making layering, knit garments and throws essential to one's safe and comfortable existence. Second, we are in the retail business and they call it "black" Friday for a reason.

But, for those of us addicted to the craft, knitting is not seasonal but necessary. We knit whether the temperature outside is -14F or 104F. We knit outside in the Adirondack Chairs pausing only to slap at a mosquito or glance at the opening flower-bud's progress. We knit inside next to the space heater (or roaring fireplace) covered head to toe in last season's accomplishments. Some of the smarter knitters begin the winter garments in summer and the summer garments in winter so they are actually finished by the intended season. Others opt for the larger needle sizes and chunkier yarns aimed at beginning and finishing a project within the current season. Then, there are the projects begun in one year with full knowledge that it will be the next or even several years before completion. All knitting and all good as far as I'm concerned.

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