Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What's in a steek? or You're cutting my sweater!

For those of you not in the know, a steek is a group of extra stitches made when knitting a garment in the round for which the sole purpose is to provide a selvage edge around a cut opening.

Pictured here (click for more) is one of my many side jobs. We provide this service for a fee to our customers at Linden Hills Yarn. Sometimes the customer only needs the machine reinforcing stitches. In this instance, the whole process was desired. This involves machine stitching around the armhole, seaming the shoulder, seaming the armhole and covering the steek selvage with the binding which was knit as part of the top of the sleeve. This customer did an outstanding job on her traditional Norwegian pullover. Thus making my job easier and minimizing her cost for this service.

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supermollio said...

I have never steeked, myself. I can't really picture what it is exactly that you're doing. I know it involves courage, one expendable stitch, and avoiding some back-and-forth knitting.

Maybe you could diagram next time I'm in the shop?